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       Yufeng stone CO.,LTD Yi County,HeBei to produce, sells various kinds of natural slate,culture stone,sandstone, mechanism cobble, cand specialized factory of classical stone. The company lies in the triangular area protected in Beijing and Tianjin, the geographical position is superior , the environment is graceful , raw materials resources are abundant . The products sell well in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, America and Europe in all parts of the country etc, Yu peak stone CO.,LTD Yi County,HeBei .It has become China known slate produce, sell the base .

        The natural slate has filled in the granite and marble blank on the quality and color as a kind of new developing green building materials, and because there is not people's worry in the course of using of radioactive elimination in it, abundant and human building culture, therefore the slate calls " the culture stone " refinedly . It demonstrated nobleness and elegance make designer right and aroused in interest peng, fully reflects one's own individual character and grade when full of limitless design space and building which displays the means in it.

         "It is healthy to care about, come back naturally , people first, regarding quality as roots, " we wish to make the green cultural new field of building materials with all friends hand in hand.



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